The church is the body of Christ – Tomorrow morning a lot of you will get up and go to work – think of all the ways that your body makes that one routine event in your life possible – you use your legs to walk out to your car or tractor – you use your eyes to know where the tractor is – you use your ears to hear your spouse telling you that you forgot something or where you keys are – right the list goes on and on – your hand to shift the vehicle – your feet to accelerate it – we use our bodies every day – to accomplish the tasks we have set our mind to.  The church is the body of Christ – it is how God accomplishes what he has set his mind to do on earth.  The proclamation of His name and the gospel happen through the body of Christ – the strengthening of believers happens through the body of Christ – discipleship – growth – maturity – evangelism – missions – these things all happen through a body – the body of Christ – his church – so why would we want to gather somewhere else when the Church is meeting?

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