I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no God.”  How can God say this?  There are people all over the world - as he is speaking that worship other gods - what makes a god a God?  Doesn’t this statement beg that question - what does a  god have to be before it is a true God?  If someone builds an alter and worships a stone - or carved image - an animal - or whatever it is - does that make that object a god?  It is not the worship of something that makes it a God? - the worship of something makes it an idol if it isn't God- because as spoken very plainly here - there is only one God - there is no other.  So if it isn’t worship that makes a God - what is it?  I would suggest it is sovereignty  because - and really grasp this - without a sovereign God - there is not God - a God that is not sovereign is no God at all.

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