As we pick up our series on Acts this morning we find ourselves in the 27th chapter - the 27th chapter of Acts is one of the most remarkable sections of the entire Bible - Luke's explanation of events there is extremely vivid - a masterful presentation of what took place to ships that were caught in severe storms in the Mediterranean Sea- and this isn't just my opinion - but the opinion of historians who have studied this passage.  Now there are a lot of things in the New Testament that cannot be verified or falsified by science or archaeology - like the great number of supernatural events - these things cannot be proved or disproven through science or archaeology - but there is a lot in these books that are of historical nature - that can be ether proven accurate or false through what we know to be true - now Luke isn't a master sailor - although this wasn't his first time on a ship - but this trip is described in amazing accuracy concerning the exact techniques that were used by sailors during this time to guard against shipwreck - and as we go through this passage - fairly quickly - for there is a lot of information - I am sure you will see the detail in Luke's account of this trip.

Another thing that really stands out when it comes to Acts 27 along with the vivid detail is the providence of God - when God wants to be known there is no stopping Him... 

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