Sermon Notes

Introduction: What Question must we think about?

How does John 12 help us with the answer to this question?

“Either the ___________ kills the discipleship, or else the ______________ kills the Secrecy.”  Put this in your own words:

On what grounds are we justified before God? By ____________ Alone!

How did John Calvin define confession? A necessary ________________ of saving faith!

The phrase “believe in your heart” implies sincerity: How does the story of Corrie ten Boom help you understand this?

The Reformers used three Latin words to help understand the nature of Saving Faith:

Notitia: The _________ of Faith

Assensus:  The ______________ that the content of faith is ____________

Fiducia: Personal _____________ and _______________ on Jesus

The phrase “believe in your heart” also implies the Work of the ______________ ______________

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in “Heart Belief” (Faith)?

The Second Part of the Verses has to do with mouth confession

In what ways might we confess Christ:

  1. In Public ________________
  2. Through the  _____________________
  3. ________________ with God’s people
  4. By how we do B_____________________
  5. By R_________________ out to Others
  6. In T_____________________
  7. in T_____________________
  8. On our _______________Bed
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